5 Jobs That Pay You to Be On Social Media All Day

How many hours do you often spend on social media a day? Perhaps an average of 4 to 7 hours? Maybe even more?  Now, what if I told you there are several careers that you can pursue to actually be on social media all day every day? Social media has become such a…
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Best Design Schools in Canada

Are you a creative and innovative person? Do you have an artistic mind that loves to be challenged? Do you wish to use arts to make society easier, safer and more enjoyable?  If you answered yes to the questions above, a degree in Design would most definitely favour you! Let’s dig a little…
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Top 5 Universities to Study Multimedia Design in Malaysia (2020)

What is a Multimedia Design? Multimedia design is a study of the use of various forms of design, such as graphics, video, or audio to produce creative content for different media, such as mobile apps, tv, newspaper, and many more. It involves the use of more than one presentation medium to communicate with…
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