5 Jobs That Pay You to Be On Social Media All Day

How many hours do you often spend on social media a day? Perhaps an average of 4 to 7 hours? Maybe even more?  Now, what if I told you there are several careers that you can pursue to actually be on social media all day every day? Social media has become such a…
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Everything you Need to Know to Become a Graphic Designer in Malaysia

Have you had the knack of just scribbling and doodling while studying or even when you’re listening to a lecture? Many of us push those silly doodling aside and pursue something much more serious for our tertiary education. But do you know, according to Malaysia’s critical occupational list 2020, graphic designers were among…
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Best Colleges/ Universities to Study Early Childhood Education Courses in Malaysia

The first several years of a baby is an extremely crucial time in their lives as it’s when they first learn how to interact with others, including peers, teachers, and parents, it’s also the time where their interest will start to develop and stay with them throughout their lives.  It’s a common misperception…
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