Best Colleges/ Universities to Study Early Childhood Education Courses in Malaysia

The first several years of a baby is an extremely crucial time in their lives as it’s when they first learn how to interact with others, including peers, teachers, and parents, it’s also the time where their interest will start to develop and stay with them throughout their lives.  It’s a common misperception…
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Top 5 Private Universities to study Artificial Intelligence in Malaysia

Owing to the global relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as the buzz around generative AI, ChatGPT, and OpenAI, many have been drawn to the notion of AI. Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as AI, has shown that there is so much more of the AI field to be explored, making it…
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Top Private Universities to Study Software Engineering in Malaysia 2020

Have you ever wondered when and how the term “Software Engineering” derives from? In the 1960s, Margaret Hamilton, American computer scientist and systems engineer, invented the term “software engineering” while developing the guidance and navigation systems for the Apollo missions. She felt that software developers earned the right to be called engineers and…
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