Study at YTL International College of Hotel Management (YTL-ICHM)

Private international institution YTL International College of Hotel Management (YTL-ICHM) is affiliated with YTL Hotels & Properties, which was founded in 2005. The YTL International College of Hotel Management takes pride in its status as a centre of excellence for the delivery of education with a focus on the hospitality and management industries….
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Top Universities to Study Culinary in Australia 2022

Do you enjoy cooking, and every time you go out, you can imagine a different way to plate each dish the chef served? You also enjoy hosting parties and cooking for your friends so they may sample your latest creations, right? Additionally, each time you watch the Master Chef programme, you get enthusiastic….
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Top 5 Universities to Study Diploma in Culinary Arts in Malaysia 2023

Have you ever fantasised of being a famous chef? Do you want to prepare cuisine that is both tasty and appealing to the eye? Culinary arts have recently been a prominent trend within the food sector, and an increasing number of individuals in Malaysia are starting to enrol in various types of culinary…
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