Accounting Degree


作为一名会计师, 你将负责个人或公司的财务账目。你需要确保它们是正确的数目并且符合现行的规章制度。此外,你也需要用标准的会计方法来组织和监督财务数据并确保个人或公司有缴纳税款。在马来西亚担任会计师是一件非常令人满意的工作,这是因为会计师是一份有保障、薪水丰厚且晋升前景广阔的工作。 什么是会计? 会计是指个人或组织 (例如小公司) 监督其财务交易的过程。你仅可处于个人报税目的聘请会计师。此任务会由注…
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The 10 Best High-Paying Jobs in The Future

The future potential job demand and salary is one of the criteria that students look for when choosing the course to study. With the rapidly changing technology landscape, the job market is so different from how it was many years ago. When it comes to choosing a career, you should consider the occupations…
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Top Courses to Study in Australia Based on Job Demand in 2021

Although the pandemic has created unexpected high unemployment rates globally, there was a strong surge in the employment rate right after multiple lockdowns were eased in Australia. Even though most companies have frozen their hiring process, there are still sectors that are actively hiring due to the need for more human resources. Some…
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