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2022年马来西亚SPM/ IGCSE大学奖学金

金钱往往是学生们在选择大学时考量的关键因素之一。教育费用很多时候也可能会对一个人未来的生活有着间接的关系。因此在作出选择时,考虑预算是很重要的一件事。 而奖学金在很多时候也成为了学生们在教育上获得经济援助的最佳方式,更棒的一点是学生们在未来无需偿还他们所获得到的奖学金!马来西亚的私立机构和学院也为学生们提供了各式各样的奖学金。 如果你正在考虑申请奖学金,但不知从何开始,本文将为你提供一些建议! 在…
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Top Private Universities Scholarships for SPM and IGCSE Malaysian Students 2022

When it comes to choosing a university, the cost is a key factor for students. We know that education costs may have a long-term impact on one’s life, thus it’s important to consider the budget while making the choice.  Scholarships may be an excellent way for students to acquire financial assistance for their…
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Scholarships for SPM, IGCSE, A-Level and UEC Students in Malaysia 2021

Cost is a major factor in the student’s decisions when choosing a university. We understand that the cost of education can have a long-term impact on one’s life, therefore it is important to sort out the budget when making the decision. Scholarships can be a good financial aid option for students to get…
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Interior Architecture vs Interior Design: What are the differences?

When choosing a major for your future, you’ll probably look at what you love and enjoy doing the most. And apparently, you like giving a makeover to an indoor space. But then, you got into a dilemma–there are similar options for your preference, but you don’t know the difference! It’s down between Interior…
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Scholarships for SPM, UEC, and IGCSE Students in Malaysia 2020

Have you ever thought about applying for a scholarship before? If you have but still don’t know where or how to apply, fret-not since this article is perfect for you! Things to pay attention to before applying for a scholarship Applying a scholarship is almost the same thing as applying to a college/university….
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Scholarships for A-Level Students (2019)

What is A-Level Anyway? Did you just get your A-levels result and thought: “what now?” Not to worry! We have gathered a list of scholarships available for A-levels students in Malaysia. Also, we highly recommend reading our overall list of scholarships offered to Malaysian students in 2019 too. A-Levels is also known as…
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